+ Cosmetic Veneers and Laminates

Veneers are a cosmetic solution to discolored, mis-shaped or malposed teeth. They are essentially minimalist versions of crowns, being thin and bonded only to the portion of the teeth visible when smiling. When designing a veneer and selecting a material, Dr. Larhs looks to strike the right balance: minimize tooth alteration/preparation yet maximize esthetic impact. This translates into a veneer design that is as thin and translucent as possible to preserve maximum healthy tooth structure and natural esthetics, yet thick and opaque enough for strength and to block out any unwanted darkness in the natural tooth.

+ Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance your smile. We offer a full range of teeth whitening options to fit every need and budget. We currently use the Kor Whitening System to offer a range of customized whitening options depending on individual patient needs.

+ In-office whitening

For a brighter, whiter smile without the wait, an in-office whitening treatment offers results in a little over an hour. We usually combine this with take-home trays to obtain the absolute best and longest lasting result.

At-home whitening

Take-home whitening gel offers professional results in a customized whitening treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home. Take-home whitening gel is delivered via custom-made trays, further tailoring the treatment to your smile.

+ Intense whitening for deeply stained teeth including tetracycline discoloration

The Kor system provides an effective formulation for challenging discoloration. We highly recommend this conservative treatment options to anyone considering veneers to resolve deep stains. Such patient may find that veneers are no longer necessary after whitening, or in the very least, we will be able to use thinner (more conservative) and more translucent (hence more esthetic) veneers on the lighter tooth substrate. 

+ Full Mouth Reconstruction/ Smile Makeover

Whether for cosmetic or functional reasons, or often both, some patients may benefit from restoration of all or most of their teeth. Many times this will involve a combination of several treatment modalities (e.g. crowns, implants, bridges, veneers) and will result in rehabilitation on the patient's occlusion (bite), health, function, and smile. The process is different for every patient. The first step is to call for a consultation with Dr. Larhs to discuss your goals. Full mouth reconstruction will not only help you feel better about how you look, it will also improve your dental health.

+ Composite Resin Restorations (White Fillings)

Fillings are one of the most common restorative dental procedures done in dentistry today. When placing any filling, Dr. Larhs’ goal is to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible, keeping the filling as minimal in size.

Composite fillings also called “tooth colored” or “white” fillings are metal-free and mercury-free. No more grey or silver areas showing when you smile. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, today’s modern composite materials bond directly with tooth enamel to support the remaining tooth structure, which helps prevent breakage and insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes. The material is also easily matched to the color of your teeth, allowing the filling to blend right into your smile.

+ Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

A crown is a laboratory-fabricated full-coverage restoration that is designed to rebuild and strengthen a broken or heavily repaired tooth. There are many design and material choices. Dr. Larhs will select a design and materials that are most appropriate based on each patient's (and furthermore each tooth's) unique needs. Individual risks such as esthetics, function/strength, rate for caries (cavities) are all carefully weighed.

A bridge is one of the treatment choices available to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is essentially a series of crowns joined together, one or more of them filling in the void of the missing tooth (teeth).

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